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Our Mission Statement

We will provide a service that uses high quality therapists that are appropriately trained and with a wide experience of working with vulnerable groups of children and families. We want to provide our service at the time of need and in a setting that is conducive, in a way that is simple and clear to access and provide therapies that are creative and not relying on being able to talk about the difficulties by providing creative therapies. There are significant gaps in mental health services available within the communities and we want to be able to fill these gaps with an accessible community based service.

About eQUiPT Therapeutic Service

Suzanne and Sandra are the therapists behind eQuiPT Therapeutic Services. They both have a wealth of experience of working with children and families and are passionate about supporting children and families. They have been Play and Filial Therapists for over 13 years and are committed to helping children who struggle with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. 

About Our Services

eQuiPT Therapy Service provides a service that offers therapy to children and families including those that can be funded by private individuals, schools and government funding and those children and families who otherwise cannot access therapy through these means.

We offer accessible counselling, therapy, emotional support and personal development interventions to children, young people, and families, enabling them to achieve emotional wellbeing and that their conditions of life may be improved and to deliver therapeutic interventions.

We provide training for adults in families, social care, therapeutic and education settings to develop and enhance therapeutic skills for the support and development of emotionally vulnerable children and adults on account of their psychological, emotional, or social disabilities and circumstances; and to liaise closely with other voluntary and statutory agencies also concerned with the assistance of persons in need in connection with any of the above. We can provide our training in person at venues and have a training platform that can be accessed for those who find attending training in person difficult. We particularly find this is helpful for families who have young children.

We will be providing a service to children aged between 3 and 18 years old and their families by providing creative therapies to emotionally vulnerable children and adults on account of their psychological, emotional, or social disabilities and circumstances.


Our Mission Statement



  • Art Therapy

  • Play Therapy

  • EMDR

  • Filial Therapy (Family Intervention)

  • Animal Assisted Play Therapy

  • Therapeutic Life Story

  • Counselling

  • Therapeutic Assessments

  • Training for families and professionals who work with vulnerable children

  • Clinical Supervision for Professionals

  • Consultations for families & Professionals

Our Aims

We have a passion to make long term changes and aim to relieve the mental and emotional stress of all children, young people and families.



Our aim is to support families from our local communities, who may have experienced traumatic events including developmental trauma, attachment, loss, bereavement and other mental health distress. We aim to improve the life chances and relationships for long term well-being.



 In our work with families and feedback from other professionals we have identified a number of gaps in mental health provision:


·     Long waiting lists for CAMHS

·     The level of need having to be higher before being seen

·     Travelling to appointments in unfamiliar settings

·     Lack of suitably qualified therapists to provide creative based interventions

·     Lack of early intervention and longer term support

·     Play based interventions for younger children

·     Lack of funding for mental health support aimed at Looked After Children


We aim to support families, children and those working with families throughout Yorkshire and Humberside

Our Goals for eQuiPT are:

Our Successes

  • To provide individual and group therapy to children, adolescents’ and adults who have experienced traumatic events such as developmental trauma, attachment, and other mental health distress.

  • To use creative therapies that help children and young people

  • To provide family-based Interventions for children who are experienced attachment, trauma, or other mental health distress

  • To provide therapy for under-represented groups and those unable to access funded therapeutic work such as children with special needs, looked after children and kinship care (where they do not meet the ASF funding criteria)


  • Through our individual private practices and eQUiPT Therapy Service, we have seen improvement in many children’s lives, when they have access to high quality therapeutic support. Children can grow in confidence, address their problems, and develop a strong sense of themselves as good people. Using creative ways to allow children to express their emotions without having to always talk about them can be so helpful. Children find it difficult to put their feelings into words and play and creative therapies can help them communicate and work through their emotions in their own way and at their own pace without facing the barriers of having to put into words their emotions and struggles.

  • When working with children, young people, parents, teachers, and social care (when applicable), we see that helping the adults around the child understand the motivated behaviours and find new ways of responding that support the child, has long term benefits for the families lives and helps the child access their education more easily, improve social and emotional wellbeing.

  • Since we began eQuiPT Therapy Service we have gained  highly qualified and experienced therapists/counsellor who have provided reliable and high quality interventions in both our premises and in school and community settings.

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