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  • BA(Hons) Creative Expressive Therapies

  • Currently studying MA in Art Psychotherapy


I am currently training on the MA Art Psychotherapy course at the University of Chester. My interest in psychology and art led to me graduating with BA(Hons) Creative Expressive Therapies. Since then I have been working in various care services as an activities coordinator facilitating the arts for wellbeing with children of all ages, adults and the elderly.


My theoretical approach to art therapy is psychodynamic, which uses the art as a means of expressing unconscious thoughts and emotions. I support my clients to find meaning and insight into their internal world to help them gain self-awareness and understanding. I encourage expression with a wide range of art materials with a non-judgemental attitude. I work with the client’s needs and offer both self-led and art therapy directives which are broad themes that can be interpreted and related to in whichever way the client chooses. Within my background with individuals with SEN, I find clients seek structure and this supports them in feeling safe and contained within the boundaried space we create together. Art therapy directives can ease anxiety over the art making process particularly for older children who worry about artistic skill and struggle starting with the overwhelming feelings of a blank page. I tend to incorporate co-creation and joint art making to establish collaborative working which helps form and maintain the therapeutic relationship.


I have a special interest in advancing and contributing to academic research in the art therapy field. I am currently researching online art therapy with clients with a diagnosis of personality disorder and I aim to pursue research throughout my career.

Student Art Psychotherapist

Lauren Degge

Lauren Degge
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