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  • Art Psychotherapy

  • (MA Leeds University) registered with BAAT & HCPC

  • BA Hons Fine Art

  • Dyadic Art Therapy

  • CATT

  • Life Story

  • Helping Hands

  • DCAT

  • EMDR Psychotherapist

  • SandStory Therapy


I am an Art Psychotherapist registered with The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT). My approach facilitates children and young people to find their own unique creative process to overcome their difficulties and feel empowered.

I am an EMDR Therapist and SandStory Therapist and integrate these modalities into my approach to suit the needs of the child. EMDR is useful for processing trauma, as it helps to strengthen the inner resources of the child, and activates the brain to carry out it's natural healing. I've worked with children and families since 2008. My clinical experience includes work with Looked After Children and adopted children, primary and secondary schools and in settings such as: sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and young people services. I have qualifications and training that reflect my career, including MA Art Psychotherapy, BA Hons Fine Art, Dyadic Art Therapy, Helping Hands (Women's Aid preventative educational group program for primary aged children), Children's Accelerated Trauma Treatment (using art and play with the rewind technique) and Therapeutic Life Story for children who have been through the adoption process, to make sense of their story and experience. My work and training has given me a breadth of experience to work with a wide range of issues, with a special interest in trauma. I work closely with families to support the therapy and seek to provide them with the therapeutic tools to understand and help their child and improve their relationships. I also work with adults and have a special interest in working with parents who have experienced trauma using EMDR. I work closely with teaching and support staff within my role at schools, enabling them to support children therapeutically. Providing a safe space for children and young people who feel deeply stuck is integral to my practice. The bravery and growth I see from children and families continues to inspire me every day, and I have enormous respect for the openess and trust they place in the work.

Deputy Manager & Senior Art / EMDR Psychotherapist

Lindsey Childs

Lindsey Childs
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