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At eQuiPT we believe in being part of research that can help our young people further. That is why we have agreed to work with Steve Farnfield in his development of the CAPA (Child Attachment and Play Assessment) to make it more accessible to teens through combining the CAPA and Sandtray symbols. 


Our Registered Manager Sandra is a trained CAPA coder and works with the CAPA community to develop it's use further. The benefits of the CAPA in assessing the attachment styles of children to ensure they receive the correct therapeutic support and their parents receive the best advice, has prompted Sandra's wish to be able to offer this assessment to the adolescents we work with too. Often doll figures and a doll's house can feel immature for teens, however sand and symbols can be used as a therapeutic tool into adulthood and therefore lends itself successfully to the CAPA. 

Our adoption families and special guardian families may have a CAPA offered as part of assessing the needs of a young person accessing our service. If so you may be asked to complete a permission form to allow the video footage to be coded by professionals as part of research. This data is not shared publicly and would be treated with respect. 

For further information please see the page on the CAPA, under assessments. 

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