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Why a Community Interest Company as well as the
Adoption Support Servivce?

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Sandra is the therapist behind eQuiPT Therapeutic Services Yorkshire and Humberside CIC.  With a wealth of experience of working with children and families and is passionate about supporting every child who needs therapy. 

We provide therapy for children who are adopted and those whose education is being affected through government funding such as the Adoption Support Fund and by individual schools or Academies. However, in our experience of working within the sector for the last 12 years we have discovered that there are many families seeking support for their child's mental health but find it difficult to access a service.

Some children and families fall outside the remit of statutory or government funding and provision and but who have significant therapeutic needs but cannot access it. These groups may include children with Special Education Needs, siblings of disabled children,  Looked After children and birth families whose children have suffered loss, bereavement, family break ups and children who are experiencing emotional distress.

There are many parents who feel isolated and unable to access the support they need for their child. Often, they have sought help but have been rejected from provision within their area as they don’t fit a certain criteria. For example, CAMHS are a provision for children with mental health difficulties however the service is over stretched and have long waiting lists. Families may also be refused a service as their child’s difficulties are not extreme enough to reach the thresholds.


We want to reach out to these children and provide the support they and their families need without their difficulties having to increase. The gap between need and provision in mental health services can lead to a child’s behaviours worsening and have longer-term damage. Children can feel that there is something wrong with them and they cannot be helped and if this continues into adolescent and adulthood many more mental health and social difficulties could develop.


Our aim is to provide a high quality therapeutic service for these families by gaining funding through our not for profit Community Interest Company.

We currently have Community Fund money for a small Children’s and Young Peoples Project providing Art and Play Therapy.

We are also raising money through our Just Giving page and the Easy fundraising app.

You can get involved and support our cause in many different ways



We want to gather information about the needs of our community and would appreciate your feedback. Please take a look at our surveys and complete the ones that are most appropriate to you. We appreciate your involvement.



"Because I believe if you're in a position that allows you to help others you have a duty to do so & because it gives me my purpose."

Sandra Georgeson

  • Long waiting lists for CAMHS

  • The level of need having to be higher before being seen

  • Travelling to appointments in unfamiliar settings

  • Lack of suitably qualified therapists to provide creative based interventions

  •  Lack of early intervention and longer term support

  • Lack of Creative and play based interventions for younger children and those who find talking therapies too difficult

  • Lack of funding for mental health support aimed at Looked After Children, Disabled children and the siblings of disabled children

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