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Need a Therapist?

In our experience of working in schools, staff are well placed to recognise when children need a therapeutic intervention to help them to manage difficult life experiences and emotional worries. Schools are an excellent place for therapy to take place. The child is in a familiar setting, with adults they know and do not leave the familiar and safe place of school. 

DFE mental health policies and advice now focus on the child's mental health and advise the use of therapy in school. 

Need Training for Staff? 

eQuiPT offers training packages to schools to help create a therapeutic environment for pupils and staff. 

We believe that the more that school staff understand child development and why children can develop behavioural and emotional problems the better the strategies can be to support those children. 

We share our knowledge with schools where ever possible. 

Need a Child Assessing?

Sometimes school staff know that child needs something more but are not always sure what the best pathway is that they could take. Therapists do a period of assessment as part of their intervention and can give further advice, strategies and recommendations.

Need Advice?

If you are just not sure about how to help a pupil or if therapy is the right option, just ask us. We will be honest. We want schools to get the best from therapy for their pupils. If we do not think it is right for a pupil we will say. 

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