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Group Therapy

Play Therapy & Art Therapy Peer Groups

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Therapy Groups for Adopted Children & Young People

There are extra benefits to offering group therapy sessions. Group work can allow for working more on children's social and emotional skills in a way that can be more difficult to do in individual work. At eQuiPT we want each area of a child's life to improve, which includes their relationship with peers. This is especially important after the impact of Covid-19 on children and young people's opportunities to socialise. 

Also, having a common identity within group work can be very empowering for children. Knowing that each participant is adopted can really help children to know that they share a common experience with others and positively impacting upon their sense of identity. 


Group Facilitators

These groups are run by fully qualified Play and Art Therapists. To maintain the quality of service provided there is a ratio of one therapist to two children. 

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