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Our Offer to Therapists

We welcome trained & experienced professional therapists that meet our high standard to deliver the best therapists and personal service to our local authorities, schools and families.

  • Work within Yorkshire & Humberside providing therapists for both individual and group work with children, staff and parents/carers and training for small and large groups.

  • We are also happy to receive enquiries from student therapists (registered with BAPT / BAAT etc.)

  • You will get to enjoy the variety of working in different settings and will be able to fit the work around your existing commitments.

  • You may already be freelance but do not always like being the person who approaches schools or authorities, arranges fees and does the invoicing. We do all that for you 

  • You might already have a job but have an extra day that you want to use for freelance work or you want to try out freelance work before †aking committing to it fully 

  • You may be freelance already but want to be on the eQuiPT therapy bank, in case any work comes to an end 


If you are a therapist with relevant qualifications and experience and wish to join our exciting service please email us your cv and we will send you additional details and arrange to meet with you. Click the button below to email us.

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