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SandStory Therapy

SandStory Therapy® is a unique therapeutic approach which enables the child or adult to tell their story in the sand. SandStory Therapy® safely combines the therapeutic use of sand, water and symbols to enable the SandStory Therapist to fully support their client through their therapeutic journey.

SandStory Therapy® is unique in holding a safe and gentle space for the conscious to be curious and to communicate with your unconscious so that intuitive insights and significant shifts may take place.

It has been developed by the amazing Lara Kasza by combining the therapeutic use of SandTray Therapy and SandPlay Therapy with the expressive elements of storytelling.


SandStory Therapy® is most suited for children from the age of 8 years onwards, teenagers/young adults and adults right through to senior adults. It can be used as a stand-alone therapy or fit in with your current pratice. SandStory Therapy® can be used for a wide variety of referral issues including, but not limited to:

  • Individual therapy/counselling

  • Group work

  • Family work

  • Couples/relationship work

  • Parent work

  • Support groups such as bereavement or addiction groups

SandStory Trays may be created through the client’s own ideas or the Therapist may offer suggestions in the form of therapeutic themes based on their knowledge of the client.

The length of the client’s therapeutic journey depends on the client and will be discussed with the client and their parent/carer if required.

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