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  • Levels One and Two Theraplay and Marschak Interaction Method 

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy – Level 4 

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy (Adolescents) – Full accreditation via the Anna Freud Centre and IPT 

  • Psychodynamic approaches to working with young people – Post Graduate Certificate with the Tavistock Clinic/NSCAP 

  • Family and Systemic Therapy – Post Graduate Certificate from the University of Leeds/AFT 

  • MA in Social Work with Distinction from the University of Sheffield, registered with HCPC 

  • MA in Youth and Community Development from the University of Huddersfield  


I have had the joy and privilege of working with children, young people, families and care givers for over twenty years.   I have worked in a variety of settings including voluntary sector therapeutic services, schools and CAMHS.  I have extensive experience of working therapeutically with children and young people with mild to severe, complex and enduring mental health needs including delivering a variety of assessments, needs led care packages and evidence-based interventions. I am an accredited Interpersonal Psychotherapist and have training in a variety of modalities.   

I enjoy working on an individual basis with children, young people and carers and I am particularly interested in using dyadic and family-based approaches including sessions based on Theraplay principles to enhance children’s self-esteem, attachment and trust.   I have a special interest in helping children and young people who have experienced adversity and trauma using joyful therapeutic sessions to help them develop emotional security.  My values of hope and optimism drive my passion in my work in this area; focusing on the present and helping children to develop a positive view of themselves and the world around them. 

 When I’m not working, I enjoy being outside in nature and going on adventures at home and overseas. 

Interpersonal Psychotherapist & Theraplay Practitioner

Esther Maunder

Esther Maunder
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