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  • MA Art Psychotherapy Practice (Leeds Beckett University) registered with BAAT & HCPC

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education – Specialism: Art & Design

  • BA Hons Fine Art

  • Diploma in Art Foundation

  • SandStory Therapy


I am an Art Psychotherapist registered with The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).

I am also a qualified Art Teacher and taught in schools for over ten years. I am passionate about supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing and this was the reason I changed professions to become an Art Therapist. Alongside Equipt, I work in a school, providing Art Therapy support to children on the Autistic Spectrum. I also provide support and interventions for teaching staff and parents.

I have recently set up my own private Art Therapy practice; Courageous Hope Art Therapy ( in which I mainly work with women or children on a one to one basis or child/parent co-therapy (Dyadic) basis.

I work with a child/person centred focus, which means I go at the child’s pace with regards to art making and verbal processing. I believe that this helps the child feel safe and helps to build the therapeutic relationship, which is paramount in order to move forward.

I have a special interest in Trauma and the benefits of art therapy. In cases where the child may be unable to verbalise their feelings, the art making process can act as a visual voice or bring awareness and promote verbal discussions. Sometimes the creative process can support stabilisation or provide a fun/calming distraction. I have a firm belief that art can be valuable in the healing process and that art therapy can provide a non-threatening way to help build/rebuild relationships through joint art making and playfulness.

Art Psychotherapist

Laura Lee

Laura Lee
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